A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Follow along with the adventures of Dulce as she finds new friends, new fun, and maybe even romance in the world of Dragon Connection, a hot new augmented reality mobile game.

A, short, sweet free all-ages GxG visual novel featuring cute girls, friendship, and romance!


Something new is hitting the mobile markets and taking the world by storm! An augmented reality game called Dragon Connection (DraCo) allows players to become trainers, collecting and battling with hundreds of dragons!

Dulce, after spending a few weeks saving up for a new phone, can finally participate in the craze! Though she's a little behind the curve, she’s soon immersed in the world of the game and its community. As she builds her collection of virtual dragons, and a circle of new friends grows with it, how will her summer vacation unfold?


  • ~31,000 words
  • 3 girls to befriend or romance
  • 12 CGs and cut-ins
  • 13 endings

This visual novel was made possible by the support, patience, and love of the backers of Caramel Mokaccino on Kickstarter :)


"My new dragon is so cute! I'll name him Tiny."


Our protagonist.  An enthusiastic new player who didn’t even bother to check the manual, but catches on quick. She loves the socializing aspect of the game, and raising baby dragons.  Like her name, she’s sweet and adorable, but tends to get excited easily and forget her surroundings. First year college student.


A hot-headed player who loves battling and exploring. She knows all about the mechanics of the game, but not much about the lore, and doesn’t believe in the ‘heart of the dragon’ nonsense. To her, stats and winning are all that matter. Recently graduated from high school, and already has plans to dominate her future campus.

"I’m going to claim every Territory in this town!”

"DraCo is the only reason I go outside..."


A shy recluse who only leaves her house to play DraCo. She’s awkward and has trouble socializing in the real world. A very empathetic player - she loves the lore, mythology and world-building of DraCo and gets attached to all her dragons, the type who refuses to release any duplicates. She recently graduated from high school, and is uncertain about the future.


An elegant player who uses the power of wealth to give her an edge over other trainers. She loves owning the best, and most beautiful, dragons and isn’t afraid to spend what she needs to keep her ranks up. Her routine consists of crushing local competition before sampling the newest flavour at The Latest Scoop ice cream parlor. First year college student.

"Why walk around collecting items when you can just buy them?"

"Please buy something if you're going to battle here."


Supportive(?) part-timer at the ice cream parlor, The Latest Scoop. Since the shop is wedged between two DraCo visit points, players tend to hang around without paying. He’s often seen chasing loiterers off with a broom. All he wants to do is work peacefully to afford his college tuition. Pretends he’s not dead inside.


DoraKone-1.0 for Windows and Linux (zip) 107 MB
DoraKone-1.0 for macOS (zip) 90 MB


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This is a beautiful game. I really love Dulce x Brin. This is my favourite couple. Thanks for making this precious game! <3 

when i tried to download this game, it said wither not valid or expired...

"windows and linux version" requires wine to use in linux, this does not make it a version for linux

It has the DoraKone.sh batch file and the linux directories under ~/lib so it should work, just run DoraKone.sh. You might have to make it executable first.

This game is adorable! Super-happy and cute - and the sprites are BEAUTIFUL. I give it an 8/10. :)

I especially love Rayen. Whenever she frets or trembles or smiles or does anything, I feel this visceral need to protecc her. :D

I have a question: Are the characters' names normal names in... Chile or whatever South American place this is set in? Or are they semi-fictional names?


Hello!! I'm actually from Chile hehe, Dulce and Rayen are common names here but the other are not

Thanks for the reply!


will you ever release another one? because i really enjoyed this game i really liked Reyen

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Alright, I just completed... ehm... I think it was 5 endings.

Let's sum this up rather quickly, now shall we?

1.) How in the world is my own player character - Dulce - so cute? Expecially her smile? It's f*****g killing me every time I play! Heck, I wanna romance myself actually!

2.) How the hell can the artwork be this good for a free visual novel? I mean, it beats quite a few commerical VNs hands-down... I would have paid for this! (Wait... can I? Somehow? Not sure if possible on itch.io when the basic price is 0...)

3.) I wanna catch dragons now.

4.) After thinking about it while writing this, I would guess that this VN is worth about 5€, maybe even more. I guess I would've bought it for 10€ even. Considering that: I want more Yuri VNs from you guys. And take my money for them to make even more afterwards!

Hey! I loved the game, Rayen's my favorite route <3 she's so cute and shy and make my heart go doki doki XD (ohgodno)... But is normal that the phone's battery stay in the 98%? I get all the finals, but didn't get the 100, is that possible or no?

Hi! Thank you so much!

 It should be possible to reach 100% - there's a lot of minor dialogue changes depending on your choices, so it might be some of those lines.

La estética de este juego es lindísima. Los sprites están llenos de carisma y me sacaron alguna que otra risa. Por ahora llevo nueve finales y me faltan los de Rayen, pero puedo decir que lo que jugué hasta ahora me encantó. 

Una pregunta, mientras el jugador va completando más el juego, la bateria que aparece en el menú sube? o es algo aleatorio? Si es así, es un detalle que me gustó mucho. 

En fin, espero que hablen español (?) y los quería felicitar por hacer un juego tan bonito. Saludos c:

No formo parte de los creadores del juego pero estoy bastante segura de que la batería de arriba a la derecha del menú va subiendo a medida que lees el diálogo del juego <3

Tiene mucho sentido jajaj gracias por aclararme la duda!

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I just finished this great game :D

The artstyle is very great. Every background and sprite are well-done And very detailed. Their face expressions are very funny and nice. "Hiding" all menus in phone is very good and original idea. 

The story is good and origanal, too. I don't know any other game about augmented reality mobile game community .

I really like all the characters. All the girls are cute. Each of them is adorable and interesting in her own way. They all have very different personalities, styles and playing-styles. 

A lot choices and endings :D 

A little SPOILER: My 1st and the only one so far was Lost Tournament\Rayen Romance :)

aaaaah this game is so adorable!! <3 i loved getting to know all the girls, they're all so cute and i adore how they all have their own unique quirks and play styles. the art is also super pretty and the music themes for each girl reflect their personalities so well!!! i'm looking forward to future projects!! >< 

Hey Deji. I've been working on a visual novel myself with some of your sprites but was wondering how could I go about getting you to draw me some sprites, Paid of course?

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I can't believe such a nice game is free for us! Despite how short it is T^T 

I love this game!! This isn't the end right?  There will be updates or what not, right?

This game is honestly super adorable, I love it

dammit if this ever came out for the phone... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm


"I can't go outside, I'm too gay."

HOLY $HIT. Same.


so cute and sweet,i really enjoyed the game.


leave canada alone it's not our fault we're boring

also this is a good vn, excited for the one that was kickstarted lol

love the game, and art work looks amazing! found it had an interesting take on the dating sim! no worries on the tag certified weeb trash i do love the game! i have a qeustion do you have any plans for this game?

Short, sweet, and cute. Lovely characters and amazing art direction. Who could ask more from a free game.

I'll be honest, I thought the dokidoki username was hinting towards a more sinister game, which would've been cool, but what I got instead was a sincere and fun to read visual novel. Excellent work!


This was fantastic. 

Lovely writing, great characters and fantastic art. Was an absolute pleasure to play, thank you so much to the devs.

Brin is the best <3


I enjoyed your game a lot! It was like a visual novel with characters playing a pokemon go dragonvale mash up!

Very cool and unique idea! Enjoyed your artwork I tend to enjoy smooth lines more than sharp just a personal preference. The music you choose fit each theme nicely. 

One little complaint would be the music being too loud. I'm sure I could adjust it in settings but I chose just to endure it and, i'm sure viewers will just adjust their volume watching it. For let's players will be hard to commentate and, adjust properly. 

I enjoyed each character having their own traits and, quirks. Keep up the great work I'll have to explore your other games!

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Loved it!

And love the multiple paths for the same character!

Honorée <3


Thank you so much for making this game, it's so cute! I loved all the variations of each character's endings, and the art is wonderful.

I just wanted to report a couple small issues:

  • Characters without sprites show up as "unknown" in the log
  • In the line beginning with "I lean over to pick up a book", "illusion" should be "illustration"

Thank you for reporting!

We’ll look into fixing those issues asap :)

AGGGHHH!!! This game is so cute it hurts!!! Oh my lord, the characters, the writing, the art; this is the bee's knees! I could not possibly recommend this game more!


Best new year present ever!


I think it should be water beat earth ,  earth beats fire , wind beats water , fire beats wind.


I finished the game took a while to figure out all the endings but it was fun til the very end.