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is it still going? :'< it's been a year


This is the last indication that this is still being worked on, on Deji's twitter from November 2021. It's not a lot, but it's something?


its sad when projects get dropped out of the blue and isnt an announcement of it. 


so... is this still in development? i certainly hope so


So looking forward to this! I remember backing it.


Latest update here

Quick preview video here

So it seems all the sprites are done and the CG's except for tweaks. The code is a apparently mess however, the UI still needs to be done and the are changing to 1080p instead of 800x600. Dont know the state of the backdrops.

And they forgot to post and update here, like they said they would.

I was close to backing this all those years ago. I will just wait for it to launch here or Steam.


Yeah, I missed the Kickstarter, but have been keeping half an eye on the project on Kickstarter. Visual Novel Kickstarters don't seem to do well, least this updates occasionally but I get the feeling Deji is the only one working on it now.


I find it absurd that the game has been in development since 2016. When I found this game, I was so excited to play it fully too. It's disappointing to see yet another failed game that would've been a gem.

Deleted post

They also post regularly on Twitter under @DejiVn. In an nutshell, the Kickstarter stretch goals really hit hard in the ammount of extra work. The Artist is finishing the sprites this week I think, en can then start on all the extra outfits.


Seeing as the DEMO was last updated 2018, I have little to no hope for this project ever reaching completion. For anyone who spent money on the kickstarter, maybe seek refunds. 


Guys, come on, this is ridiculous. You have had 4 years complete Caramel Mokaccino. I understand that art and writing takes time, but leading your backers to believe that it would have been done within the next year, and still not being done with it 4 years later is absolutely unacceptable. People donated $37,388 dollars to you so you could fund yourself during the completion of this project, not Dorakone or any other game. What you've done to these people is basically highway robbery. The second you found out it would take so much longer than you thought, you should have offered a refund to everybody. And when you found out it would take 4 YEARS to complete, you should have immediately refunded Everyone's money and apologized making a statement that you will finish the game without continuous monetary support.  I mean you've had 1,460 days to complete this, that's 35,040 hours! There is absolutely no excuse as to why this game should not be done yet. Please, for the sake of everyone, get your stuff together. 


I really loved this game! I'll always patiently wait for updates! Stay healthy and keep up the good work!

I'm seeing a lot of you guys asking when the game will be available, it seems that'll happen by the end of this year... can't wait





i'd laugh at this but i'm too busy crying



Deleted 2 years ago

I really enjoyed it. It was really nice. I'm waiting for more. By the way, when will you realise full version of it? 

I love this game! If I love so much the demo, I will love the full game!By the way, when will the full game come out?I can't wait!!

hey, uh... you guys are still alive, right? 


yeah they are,ummm.. here: i dont know if you found that place but.. eh, who cares


ooh! I haven't checked that blog in a while! thanks for the reminder!! I love how it has the same art style as c14 dating! (one of my favorites)

I'm so sad... I loved the game and can't wait to pick it up at some point. ^^


in case you aren't aware of their blog, (which has semi-regular updates)

I'm really excited to play this. I'd also like to mention that I LOVE apple cider, I LOVE coffee, I am OBSESSED with Otomes, and I LOVE LOVE beautiful and cute art (and hot guys) - I feel like you are my kindred spirit and I am sending you mental hugs ^_^ Thank you for the beautiful and wonderful stories you have created!

I love this game! I was sad it was just a demo and even knowing it was unfinished, I would find myself sad when parts weren't done due to how amazing the art style was and looking forward to what different scenes would look like in it. I can't wait for the full game to come out!!! Also thank you so much for making this game and I can't wait to see what the finished full game will be!

Hello there!

I just want to say that I really enjoyed the demo and I can't wait for the full version. I wanted to donate to Kickstarter for this amazing work but I don't have a credit card yet. X(

I really really really adore the art and the characters. Especially the fact that there are characters that aren't the conventional heterosexual ones. Thanks again for this lovely game!

Looks good^^ Looking forward the full thing!

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i enjoying the game but bugs out. whom i email the detail. but game wont let me continue after selecting annie date

I love the update! The artwork is starting to look amazing and I love the Texting feature! ^-^ <3 It's really good so far and I'm glad to see that the mistake I pointed out was fixed, it kinda makes me feel like I contributed to the game a bit lol. I'll be looking for more of those just in case.

Anyway I love the added bits of the story and I love seeing the game come together bit by bit. I'll be looking forward to the next update and I can't wait to play the full version! I really do love your work, I think I've become your biggest fan lol.

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I love the game so far! And I can't wait to see it finished!

I was looking at your Kickstarter page and noticed that under "Features" and in one of the GUI screenshots, "Exercise" for one of the buttons is spelt incorrectly. I believe it's spelt "Exercise" rather than "Excercise". I use to have the same spelling problem with the word "Exercise" as well.

That's all I have to say for this awesome alpha demo! Can't wait for it to be released!

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So I'm commenting this here because I can't on the actual Novel page, but I absolutely love Autumn's Journey! If you couldn't tell by now I'm a big supporter of your work and I believe you guys have come up with some of the most unique stories I've seen. I look forward to new novels and I pray for a sequel to Autumn's Journey.

Oh, I should open that option there ^^; You can always leave a comment by making a review :)
Glad you enjoyed AJ so much :DOur plan is to work on the sequel after Caramel Mokaccino is done, actually :D
So please look forward to it! ^o^

Thanks for the tip, and I'll be excitedly waiting for the sequel and for CM to be finished! ^-^

I played the game few hours before the kickstarter and I was so disappointed in not being able to play some more! The story line is amazing and I love the character design and personality, i have huge expectations from the full version. Keep up the hard work!

Glad you enjoyed the demo! Hopefully you'll like the full game when it's out too ^__^

does this offer a girl route?


The demo doesn't have any routes, but the final game will feature at least two girl routes :)

For some reason it is not working on my computer, it will not run.

Oh, that's strange... does it show any errors or it just doesn't run?Do you have an issue with other games made with Ren'Py?

It doesn't run and I've played lots of other games made with Ren'Py so I'm not sure why.

I was planning to play the demo then fund the project afterwards.

It worked! I just had to switch of the other things i had on, sorry to bother you! :)

Glad to know it did! :D
Hope you enjoy it ^^

I love it! Haha i wasn't sure if i would but i absolutely adore this game. The story so far is really interesting and I'm already fighting between Ian and Nico! I swear if the full version isn't free I'll probably cry....not that I don't mind helping out developers but I'm basically broke so yeah lol. Either way this game is awesome and I can't wait to see the full thing. BTW there were some minor spelling errors and I think you accidentally used Franco's name instead of Enzo's during the Sunday dinner.

Sadly, the full version will be commercial ):
But we'll make giveaways and contests for free copies!
Glad you liked the demo and our Artist is also biased and torn between Ian and Nico herself, haha.
Also thanks for reporting that Enzo/Franco issue!

Awe, boo! Well I'm sure I'll be able to buy the full version eventually. I look forward to reading the story and I'm glad I could help.

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Hi! I noticed something weird when I unzipped the demo file, and thought I should bring it to your attention, just in case.

Pretty much winrar says that this file: Caramel_Mokaccino_-_Alpha_Demo-all\game\images\sprites\julieta\"bounce down"- .textClipping
had to be changed to: Caramel_Mokaccino_-_Alpha_Demo-all\game\images\sprites\julieta\_bounce down_- .textClipping.

Will this affect the game?

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Sorry for the late reply! That archive shouldn't even exist, no idea why it got there in the first place!

No worries, the game should work fine without it :)